How To Plan A Dr Seuss Themed Baby Shower

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When you think about planning a baby shower you would think that it is completely different from a normal party. It is when it comes to certain aspects. But both these events also share certain common elements. One such element would be the theme of the event. If you thought that baby showers cannot have a theme then you are completely mistaken. Similarly to any other event, this shower too can be centred around a specific theme. Ideally, this should be something child-friendly. Some people may go with a colour. But there are also other individuals who go to a children’s book or movie character. When you think of such a character the first person that would pop into your mind would be Dr Seuss. That is because there is no one that children love more than Dr Seuss. However, we understand that you may be a bit confounded about how to plan this shower.


We understand that you may be thinking to buy kids clothes with Dr Seuss characters. This would be a great present to give to the mother to be. However, before you start thinking about gifts you need to focus your attention on invitations. Obviously, the invitations would have to complement the theme of the event. Therefore due to this reason you should consider whether you only want one Dr Seuss character on the card or many. If you require some inspiration before making this decision you can peruse through Pinterest. Furthermore, you can even go through Etsy. That is because they would have countless invitations such as this. In that case, you can opt to purchase them or make some on your own. We understand that many would opt for the latter. That is because it is more budget friendly.


When you go looking for cute baby clothes Melbourne you can also visit a toy store. That is because then you would be able to purchase Dr Seuss inspired toys. You can place these toys around the room in order to complement the theme.

Furthermore, you can also have some cutouts of various characters to place around the room. This you would not have to purchase because you can easily do it by yourself. Furthermore, you can even get a Dr Seuss inspired cake done. This can then be used as the centrepiece. Furthermore, when you have such an item you would not require many decorations.Therefore if you follow these tips you can easily throw a magical Dr Seuss inspired baby shower.