Unique Ideas To Make Your Big Day Unforgettable.

People say the wedding day is the most beautiful day of two people’s lives – what about the rest of the guests lives, wouldn’t it be a great day for them? Not really, in most weddings the couple will have the best time of their life but the guests will be bored and awkwardly seated listing to same songs on repeat. Therefore, when you are planning your wedding day make it more enjoyable for everyone so that they will never forget your happiest day. This article will give you unique ideas to make this day more beautiful.

  • Seating arrangements.
    This is very important at a wedding – make sure all the guests are able to see you because mod of the time in weddings seating arrangements for gusts are not given much thought and they won’t be able to see this will bore your guests the best way it to have circular seat arrangements and place the bride and the groom in the middle.
    • Wedding photo booth.
      This is something that we do not see much in weddings – we only stare at the cameramen who is taking over thousands of photos of the couple where the guests are seated. Having a wedding themed picture booth with different animation facilities will keep you guests entertained and thus will help them have a much better time than in any other wedding ceremony they attended. At the end of the day with a little gift pack you can give a printed photo of those snaps taken by your guests at the party photo booth hire thus they will never forget this day.
      • Live wedding Paint.
        Hire a professional artist and make them paint your big day as it is – this will be one of the best memories that you can cherish al your life.
        • Entertainment.
          Have songs played in the background and hire professional dancers to entertain your guests. And also surprise dances of the bride and the groom will spice things up making it a great enjoyable occasion to all the guests.
          • Interactive food station.
            Food and beverages of many weddings are the same this is upsetting because there are many different kind of foods around the world therefore a good way to keep your guests entertained is through different new kinds of foods. Having food stations everywhere where the guests can make their own garlic bread or their sandwich with their favorite filling will help your guests to enjoy your day as much as you.
            • Plan for kids.
              Make sure you have a good way of controlling the kids at your event and have different games and appropriate food items for them to enjoy and this will help your guests be more relaxed and have a good time at your wedding. best-photobooth